So the More things Change… the more they don’t!

Linus Bourque/ July 24, 2023/ App Volumes, Burnout, Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM), General, Horizon, Horizon Cloud next-gen, VMware/ 0 comments

Minions celebrating with meh faces.

23 years ago,I was asked to teach a class at a private training facility I was sysAdmin at. Turned out I was somewhat a natural at it. So after decades of being an instructor, I’ve taken a new role at VMware: Staff Technical Learning Engineer. Basically, I’m still an instructor but not doing live teaching (or rather online teaching) unless it’s for a beta class (like this upcoming one for AppVolumes and Dynamic Environment Manager — there are still seats and it’s 50% off!). So expect more videos from me. And new topics. 

And, speaking of new topics, after a decade of doing Horizon, App Volumes, DEM and Horizon Cloud next-gen on Azure (more recently), I’ll be venturing into Tanzu and NSX. And I’ll probably be documenting that experience here. It should be a blast! I’ll admit that I’m not really a programmer (hey, if I can do a “hello world” script, I’m amazed!).

You’d think that would be enough to keep me busy but I’ve also had a pet project around burnout. In my 18+ years at VMware, I figure I’ve had about 3 periods of burnout. This is a particular issue in IT that we do not address. For example, we brag, often, about all the extra hours we do to solve problems (and there often seems to be an endless list of problems). But honestly, it isn’t something we should be proud of.  While there are no quick fixes to burnout, there are things you can do. And I’ll likely cover those through this blog.

So lots to talk (write). Throughout all of these I’ll likely also be adding videos (mostly around ‘how to’ or ‘why does…’) kind of things. And I’ll likely post them on Youtube here.

Lastly, I will be in Vegas at VMware Explore in the CXS Theatre and at the VMware Booth. Come visit and we can talk shop, cigars or whatever! 😀

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